What Is Being Said About Our Film In Print and On the Blogs

Watergate Summer
September 11, 2007
Found this beautiful video about how New Yorkers took care of other New Yorkers
By enigma4ever

A clip from the movie is posted on YouTube by 912crew as After 9/11 The Intimate Story

Crooks and Liars
August 10, 2007
Giuliani Backs Off Statement He Was At WTC Site As Much Or More Than Workers
By Logan Murphy

Here are some of the REAL heroes of 9/11... Read Crooks and Liars »

The Huffington Post
August 2, 2007
Reporting from YearlyKos: The Film 9/12
By Taylor Marsh

Reporting from YearlyKos, the film I just watched is just one view into the remarkable event taking place in Chicago over the next few days. '9/12" is the story taking people "From Chaos to Community," and is directed Susanna Styron, produced by Jackie Ochs. The screening of this film was made possible by YearlyKos and the continued support of filmmakers through Brave New Films. »

The New Yorker
August 2, 2007
The Day After
By Hendrik Hertzberg

YearlyKos has drawn a sizeable crowd, but it's almost lost in the humongous giganticness of McCormick Place, a vast, architecturally interesting (this is Chicago, after all) new convention center. A lot of things are going on at once, including a daylong film festival. I made sure to arrive in time to see "9/12: From Chaos to Community." I generally avoid 9/11-related movies because of the bummer factor... »

Democrat Taylor Marsh Broadcasts Live Talk Radio and Blogs Politics
August 2, 2007
Documenting 9/11: The Film 9/12
By Taylor Marsh

It's a journey of healing, but also of one very special flag. The flag that once flew down at Ground Zero. But the moments of 9/11 are not included. No one needs to relive it, said the filmmakers, Ms. Stryon having volunteered at Ground Zero herself. The people mixing together in the film are of all political stripes, most of whom would never have come together in any other circumstance. Explosions inevitable if the subject of politics came up. But 9/12 has nothing to do with politics. Watch the trailer. Read the rest of Taylor's Blog Entry »

The Journal News
October 2, 2006
By Kevin Canfield

"I volunteered off and on for about nine months," she said. "I started at the end of November of 2001." Later, she began attending reunions of the crew.

"The great thing was that they trusted me, because I was, in a way, one of them. They knew that I had had the same experiences that they had down there. I wasn't an outside person coming in trying to figure things out."

The result of her work, "9/12: From Chaos To Community," is a highly personal portrait of Styron's fellow volunteers, some of whom she'd worked with at Ground Zero, others whom she'd met after the fact. »

The E-Team Blog
September 13, 2006
The power of a movie
By Bob Heisler

We talk a lot about how New York was changed by 9/11, about how many lives were turned inside out. This is the movie that shows it and lets us come out the other side into the sunshine. »

Link TVposted on YouTube by 912crew