Praise for 9/12: From Chaos to Community

Having witnessed part of that effort myself, I am especially grateful to the filmmakers for capturing so poignantly and accurately the shared feelings of awe, camaraderie, loss, and love that brought everyday people together in our city's greatest time of need.
— Steve Buscemi, Actor; Former New York City Firefighter

... a poem to a group of everyday New Yorkers who discover in themselves a quiet greatness born from the darkness of 9/11.
— Davis Guggenheim, Director, "An Inconvenient Truth"

I have not been more surprised and provoked into reflection by any other 9/11 homage. We have all had the carnage and the sacrificial heroism of 9/11 burned into our collective memories. But what this movie shows us, on a disarmingly delicate and human scale, is something we talk about in disaster mental health but don't really understand: the way "social support" was manifested after 9/11 under extreme conditions, in an ordinary way, and why.
— Randall D. Marshall MD, Director of Trauma Studies and Resilience, New York State Psychiatric Institute

Finally the spotlight is being turned where it belongs: on the everyday heroes who worked side by side with emergency responders and whose loving support and companionship helped ease their pain.
— Kathleen Tierney, Ph.D., Professor, Dept. of Sociology & institute of Behavioral Science; Director, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado

... a loving, honest story about generous, matter-of-fact New Yorkers who rolled up their sleeves and helped heal the city — totally outside the limelight. They didn't do it for glory, they did it for us. It's a very moving tribute.
— Tom Healy, President, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Over ten years later in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, 9/12 is able to speak to the hearts and minds of disaster volunteers who feel compelled to act during this city's darkest moments.
— Emily Accamando, Citizen Corps Council